Mobile success: survival of the fittest

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Ask this question now though and I’d be met with very different responses. The world has gone mobile: tablets and smartphones are our go-to gadgets of choice, offering unmatched convenience and ease of use. Throw in the newly emerging SmartWatch and PCs have a lot to contend with.

In the past, a mobile-friendly site was considered an added extra — nice to have but not completely essential. Now, with mobile devices continuing to grow, it has never been more important — both in terms of user experience and search engine rankings.

In April, Google launched their new mobile algorithm, which targets sites that are delivering a below par experience to smartphone and tablet users. Through crawling a site, Google can determine how mobile-friendly a page is and adjust the rankings accordingly.

If your site is properly optimised for these platforms, you’ll reap the rewards in the mobile search engine results pages. However, your brand could face big problems if your site isn’t performing as it should.

Think about it: in the past month, how many times have you abandoned your cart as a result of a non-responsive site? How many search results have you clicked before you’ve found what you’re looking for? Internet users are not renowned for their patience and good grace. Make them wait for their golden nuggets of information or deliver a page that’s near impossible to navigate via a touch screen and bounce rates will almost certainly rise.

Succeeding online is all about survival of the fittest. Failure to keep up with the latest industry developments pushes both existing and potential customers into the arms of your competitors. Ignore the demand for mobile-friendly sites and you give other brands an edge — an edge they will use to capitalise on your missed sales.

Are you really prepared to hand over such a vital market share? If you truly value your brand, the answer is no. Ensuring your site is responsive, easy to use and delivering the right information to the right audience will help you level the playing field with your competitors.

With mobile and tablet usage expected to continue to skyrocket, you can’t afford to ignore Google’s latest update. Doing so could put your brand at a severe disadvantage in the online marketplace. The question is: what will you do — fight or flight?

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