Perfecting your PPC for seasonal spenders!

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Across the many aspects of digital marketing, no single element of your campaign should be neglected. During the festive period, your paid advertising efforts become especially important. You simply can’t afford to miss out on the seasonal demand.

During 2015’s season of spending, 27% of retail sales took place online. This year, Black Friday has already been and gone – seeing a 220% increase in online traffic.

In the US, $3.34 billion was spent online. Black Friday also showed that the UK is beginning to adopt mobile search – with more than three in five conversions happening on mobile.

At Mediaworks, our PPC team have worked hard to ensure clients get the most from the surge of interest that occurs in the festive season. Across the Black Friday weekend alone, our top-performing clients achieved an average of 1584% return on investment (ROI).

For one of our menswear fashion clients, our paid campaign provided a 2867% ROI and paid spend accounted for 30% of all revenue taken across the Black Friday weekend. Our team works hard to improve a client’s paid advertising by working at a granular level and using a data-driven approach.

Now, with proven results from the campaign, we can look forward to carrying these successful efforts into Christmas and Boxing Day.

Here’s a full look at the top five results we achieved for Ecommerce clients:



If you’re struggling to see success this season, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Our paid team can help you refocus your strategy to maximise your performance across the most important season in all of ecommerce marketing.

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