Surgery sessions: Remarketing explained

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Back in February, we held a very informative session that discussed many elements of online marketing and the changing shape of SEO. If you were one of the attendees, then you should have left with some great insights, and possibly a few ideas into how you want online marketing to work for you. However, if you were unable to attend, fear not!

Here at Mediaworks, we’re not one to shy away from a discussion and don’t only enjoy offering our insights, but love to hear your thoughts too. Therefore, I picked out the three topics that seemed to dominate the event and plated them up for you to enjoy at your own leisure. This post looks at the conversation surrounding remarketing and the gentle ad shadow it creates.

 “When you are surfing the internet and have visited a website, how does what you have previously looked at follow you around?”

This a very topical question and something that is being picking up on more and more. So, how is it after I look at fancy frocks on a clothing website that those ads follow me to social media or another site that is completely unrelated? As James Chapman, business development manager, said at the session, it is simply a form of display advertising called remarketing, which drives extra sales by targeting a potential customer who has shown interest in a product or service.

Remarketing uses cookies to identify when viewers have landed on a website for the first time, but haven’t followed through to checkout. Therefore, any subsequent websites visited after that will feature the products previously viewed. It can work very well if done property as it can remind customers of your products and gently push your services to the forefront of their mind.

 “Are pop-up adverts different from display adverts (these ones don’t seem to follow me around)?”

They certainly are and we should always ensure we differentiate from the two. Basically, pop-up ads are being displayed while you browse online because someone has paid for them to appear on a specific page.  It’s worth noting that this cannot be bought through Google AdWords.

So, has remarketing convinced you?

As with all marketing practice, I’m sure the discussion resulted in the age-old ‘will it work for me’ question. The simple answer is yes, if it is implemented intelligently.

The conversations created by remarketing can be tailored to suit your specific needs. For example, you can create time limits on how long your products will appear in front of web users and you can also apply conversation tracking codes to monitor the marketing placement ― use this understanding to place timescales on your remarketing to ensure your campaign is targeted to customers who are more likely to convert and you should see positive results.

Were you at the surgery? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback on the event.


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