Metro Bank

We helped Metro Bank outpace the Big Four banking competitors for account openings

Metro Bank, the first high street bank to open in the UK in over 100 years, partnered with Mediaworks to improve its online presence.

With an existing strong physical presence and popularity, the post-pandemic world presented Metro Bank with a challenge – to boost application demand while adapting to an ever-changing online financial landscape. Over our two-year partnership, we helped Metro Bank achieve a remarkable 878% increase in conversions for the personal accounts segment.

We think

The challenge was to understand the customer journey and craft unique approaches for maximum impact.

Our Strategic Planning team conducted a thorough analysis of Metro Bank’s online customer behaviour, uncovering valuable opportunities to improve the customer journey. The resulting strategy aimed to leverage a mixture of paid digital channels, tailored to captivate two distinct audience segments: small business customers and personal account customers.

We do

We propelled Metro Bank's growth through three strategic phases.

First, we established a solid foundation by understanding who Metro Bank's audience is and what they're looking for. Then, we used tactics such as ROAS-based bidding, precision targeting, creative optimisation, and a specialised focus on click fraud prevention to ensure that the budget was allocated to genuine, high-quality engagement. This performance-oriented approach allowed us to utilise paid channels for brand awareness and driving conversions.

For the third stage, we expanded their overall reach through organic strategies like Technical SEO and used attribution analysis and incrementality testing to improve the efficiency of our efforts.

We measure

According to eBenchmarkers, Metro Bank's exceptional performance outpaces that of the Big Four banking competitors for account openings.



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Increase in conversions over two years

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