Paid Social

Paid social advertising allows you to put sponsored content in front of your audience. With more than 3.8 billion active social media users, paid social is a fantastic way to engage with your audience.

active social media users


of all consumers discover new brands/products through social ads

$95 billion

projects in ad revenue in 2021


of social media advertisers are investing in Facebook Ads

active social media users


Use detailed audience demographic, interest, and behaviour data to deliver targeted, creative advertisements to the perfect audience, in order to raise brand awareness and positive perception, acquire new customers, and re-engage existing customers to grow your business.


In the moments that matter

The adverts that resonate and engage an audience are built on data. But first, that data needs to be analysed to identify demographic, interest, and behavioural traits in order to highlight your perfect customer audience.

At Mediaworks, we can do precisely that, building the optimum profile of your ideal customer. Through social, this data can be used to target the right person with the right creative at the right time in the customer journey. This ensures that we deliver campaigns optimised to produce the best performance.

Our specialist team will research and analyse a wide range of first- and second-party data to identify the most valuable customer types in the moments that matter. This data will then be refined into targetable audience profiles which will be tested against achieving business goals. Once our process begins, we monitor, test, analyse, and adjust your campaigns to further refine and improve. Whether the focus is growth or increasing profitability, attribution allows us to see the channels which are creating influence throughout all touchpoints in the user journey. This plays a key role in our overall paid strategies.



Embrace technology

By making use of industry-leading technology, we can develop similar and lookalike profiles of your best-converting customers based on millions of buyer behaviour signals. From this, we then utilise a sophisticated combination of automation and testing to provide the best performance results.

As a Facebook partner, we work collaboratively with major social media platforms to ensure our team of specialists is fully immersed and engaged with the latest technology being utilised in paid social marketing. Whether it’s the use of augmented reality to help your business beat the social scroll or developments in direct social commerce, we understand how to use these advancements to deliver social media success.

With new channels, creative ad formats, audience targeting options, and conversion analysis tools, Mediaworks is at the forefront of innovation in the social tech space – so let’s get you at the forefront of your industry.


Grab the attention

The social landscape is constantly evolving with more businesses than ever actively posting content and advertising. This means making your business stand out from the crowd in a noisy social feed a challenging prospect. The key to success here is creativity.

At Mediaworks, we work with our clients to provide creative, lateral-thinking advertisements which cut through the noise and engage your target audience. We look to deliver messaging which resonates with your audience at key stages of the customer journey, from first discovery and re-engagement to performance driving retargeting. This, combined with eye-catching visuals, means that our clients’ ads have the power to make a user stop their scroll and engage.

Using detailed audience data, advanced targeting strategies, and impactful creatives, we deliver ads that can maximise performance, increase profitability, or grow and expand your customer base. Creativity mixed with bespoke strategy means we can deliver sequenced messages that tell a story, guiding users throughout the customer journey and ultimately control how your brand is perceived at every touchpoint.


Deliver objectives

Your paid social campaign needs to cover many different business objectives. To keep all those goals in your orbit, you’re going to need an effective strategy that takes them all into account.

From large, full-funnel, multi-channel strategies to smaller new product launches, we are focused on developing an objective-first approach for your business. We identify the optimum channel, targeting, and creative approach to make sure your paid social campaign achieves your business goals.

Our team of specialists know how to deliver paid social strategies that deliver results. Too often, social media is seen at a tactical level. While the outputs may be tactical without a clearly defined and well-considered strategy you won’t achieve the required results. Regardless of whether you are taking your first steps into utilising paid social or you have an established paid social programme of activity, our specialist team works with you to ensure your paid social strategy is efficient and effective across the most appropriate platforms.


Over the past 15 years, Mediaworks has successfully navigated missions for over 500 businesses in B2B and B2C markets across 100+ sectors, 30 countries, 5 continents, and 1 galaxy.



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