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March 29 2023

MW146 | Supercharge Your Tik Tok Strategy

Tik Tok is not just shaping a generation of social consumers, it’s also combining the worlds of community, commerce, and entertainment. Marketers have the opportunity to reach new target audiences with entertaining creative and authentic interactions that can turn hearts and minds into likes, shares and, ultimately, conversions.
March 21 2023

MW145 | Countdown to Marketing Effectiveness: Marketing According to Your Brand Size and Share

The most effective way for a company to increase its market share is to create an integrated strategy for marketing and branding. However, not all companies start with equal market share and brand equity.
March 14 2023

MW144 | Countdown to Marketing Effectiveness: Creative Execution That Cuts Through

Prioritising memorable creative content is critical to building an effective long-term link with your audience with your products or services. Differentiation has long been one of the most powerful tools in cementing your brand in your customers minds and arguably, the best way to do this is through emotional, brand-building campaigns.
March 07 2023

MW143 | Countdown to Marketing Effectiveness: Masters of Budget Setting

The success and impact of the greatest marketing functions isn’t all about strategy. It's also executing and maximising the impact of your budget - achieving your organisations objectives, by choosing the most cost-effective and impactful options for your company.
February 21 2023

MW141 | Countdown to Marketing Effectiveness: The Science of Segmentation and Targeting.

Aggregating your prospective buyer types into groups of segments with common needs and traits offers marketers the opportunity to better communicate the value of their products and services to each group, increasing customer acquisition and market share.
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