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With an estimated global worth of £2.24 trillion, the fashion industry’s success is arguably fuelled by digital. Moving on from the days when digital was viewed as detrimental to brand’s exclusivity, both luxury brands and high street retailers are turning to the online sphere to strengthen their brand.

In 2017, the UK’s online fashion spend jumped to a huge £16.2 billion, with experts predicting it will increase by a further 79% by 2022. Coupled with the 50% drop in high street store sales in October 2017, it’s clear why achieving digital success should be a priority for clothing, footwear and accessories brands.

Fashion White Paper 2018


As competition increases, it can be difficult to know how to invest your digital marketing budget to reap the greatest benefits. To help, Mediaworks has created the Fast-paced Fashion: The Digital Forecast 2018 white paper. By examining the six key trends expected to impact the industry in 2018 and providing actionable insights, you can better understand where to focus your efforts this year.

Essential reading for all business owners, digital marketing managers and personnel, get ahead of the competition and download our fashion white paper by filling out the form below.


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