St Oswald’s Hospice approached Mediaworks to create a mobile app to support 2016’s Great North Snowdogs Trail, a North East mass-participation art event. The app needed to drive engagement with participants across all ages and help raise awareness and funds for the charity.


Retaining the original style of the Snowman and Snowdog, we designed and created an app with user experience at its core. With an easy-to-use interface, we deployed a format similar to Pokémon Go to encourage users to ‘collect them all’ and engage with the event. Social sharing and donating functionality was included to increase awareness and raise additional funds on top of the app’s 79p download price.


Thanks to data from the Snowdogs app we helped develop, we can see that over 11,000 people downloaded and used the app. In total there were 180,000 dogs unlocked by explorers, and 11,200 votes cast for their favourite dog. Hundreds of people managed to fully complete the trail too, heading to locations as far as Kielder in Northumberland. Not only that, but there were over two million unique interactions with the Snowdogs application! That’s proof that the North East public are no strangers to digital participation.


in app interactions




dogs unlocked

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