The Northern School of Art: 387% Increase in Course Conversions

The Northern School of Art partnered with Mediaworks to transform its marketing programmes, moving from traditional media to digital platforms and increasing student applications by target geography.



Increase in organic impressions



Increase in web traffic



Increase in paid conversions



Increase in organic impressions

The Northern School of Art (formerly Cleveland College of Art and Design) has provided students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the creative industries for over 150 years. Notable alumni range from David Coverdale, the lead singer of Deep Purple and Whitesnake, to Sir Ridley Scott, Director of Bladerunner, Gladiator, and House of Gucci.

The leading provider of art and design courses in Tees Valley chose to partner with Mediaworks to transform its marketing programmes, moving from traditional advertising and direct mail to more effective digital platforms. This was done to support its goals of dramatically increasing student applications by targeting potential learners within a one-hour drive of their three campuses.

Mediaworks initially focused on the place where most students begin their further education journeys – search engines. By delivering a highly refined search campaign structure that allowed us to target specific art courses, we were able to increase search visibility and website visits, as well as drive conversions for terms associated with the college’s most popular courses at key times of the year, such as during Clearing and the UCAS application periods.

By harnessing the power of data, we were able to pinpoint lookalike audiences on targeted digital display advertising campaigns, alongside supporting interest and encouraging conversions among people who were not already familiar with the college to furl ultimately growth.

We developed engaging video content as the most effective method to quickly communicate the values and benefits of the college. By implementing display and video remarketing for those visitors who had already engaged with the website, we were able to continuously reinforce brand awareness throughout quieter times of the year prior to enrolment.

With this data-driven strategy, Mediaworks significantly increased enquiries and reduced the cost per acquisition for each enrolment by 16%. This increased both organic impressions and traffic and grew course conversions while reducing ad spend. Through a programme of engaging content, hyper-targeted paid advertising, and search engine optimisation, Mediaworks worked with The Northern School of Arts to transform its marketing programmes from traditional media to digital, increasing the awareness of their courses and accelerating the journey of potential students from interest and education through to enquiry and enrolment.

Since the implementation of the digital advertising transformation The Northern School of Art’s reputation and recruitment drive has gone from strength to strength, increasing organic impressions by 1,667%, growing web traffic by 267%, and seeing a 387% rise in paid conversions, leading the way for creative education in the north and the UK.

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