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Just being seen is no longer enough. Paid advertising of the future needs to be intelligent. Using data to segment, locate, and hyper-target the right channels is pivotal to paid success.


is the forecasted annual budget of businesses investing in online advertising in 2021


MarTech solutions are now available across the globe

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is the forecasted annual budget of businesses investing in online advertising in 2021


Use data to identify and optimise spend towards the most valuable customers types, supercharging campaigns to increase return on investment through profitable customer acquisition across relevant paid platforms.


In the moments that matter

To target your most valuable customer types, you need to know who they are and what they’re searching for.

But it’s just as important to know when to target your customers. This is the critical edge that data provides in a successful paid advertising campaign. Without knowing the optimum time to place your marketing before an audience, you risk losing your investment to an ill-timed advertising campaign.

At Mediaworks, we use bespoke technology to analyse billions of first- and second-party data to target your most valuable customer types in the moments that matter. Combining business goals, consumer behaviour, and intelligent data points allows every individual campaign to flourish. Once our process begins, we monitor, test, analyse, and adjust your campaigns to further refine and improve. Whether the focus is growth or increasing profitability, attribution allows us to see the channels which are creating influence throughout all touchpoints in the user journey. This plays a key role in our overall paid strategies.



Embrace technology

Paid advertising utilises various technology, from automated bidding to specialised, in-house-developed tools such as our bespoke persona creator. When it comes to paid advertising, technology is the key to unlock when, where, and how to pitch yourself perfectly before your customer base.

In order to be successful with your paid advertising, you need to make decisions that are right for your business, not just for the platform. You need to be able to identify new opportunities quickly and concisely, as well as being able to micro-target your audience to see where they transact most frequently.

Our team of fully-certified paid search specialists can help navigate you on this fast-changing journey. Using technology to unpackage the finer details of your business, consumer, and industry, ensuring we’re best-placed to deliver results. This helps us define which channels are going to be best to meet your business goals. As part of our overall strategy, our bespoke live reporting tool offers full visibility of the metrics that matter most and allows us to see all trends at any given time with ease.


Grab the attention

So, now you know where your paid adverts need to be, when they need to be there, and which audience you should be targeting. Your paid advertising campaign is ready to go.

But are your adverts shining, or are they fading into the atmosphere? It’s all well and good knowing who your audience is and where they transact, but now you need to get their attention among a crowd of competitors.

Our expert team of content creatives and copywriters construct and develop ad content that pushes the boundaries in the battle for your audience’s attention. We don’t just target your audience – we target different audiences with different approaches, ensuring that your message resonates on every frequency. Utilising various ad types through search, social, shopping, display, and programmatic, we’re able to A/B test multiple creatives continuously. This combined with the audience data allows us to create unique and highly relevant ads for each individual user, putting the right message in front of the right user at the right time, no matter where they are in the purchase journey.


Deliver objectives

Monitoring, testing, analysing, and adjusting your approach is critical to ensure campaign success and continually improved performance. Your paid advertising is a continuous process, and a continuous process requires a strong strategy behind it.

Without strategic market analysis and reactive strategies in place, your paid advertising won’t be able to react to key changes nor accelerate your commercial growth. You will miss out on the best deals, the most accurate data, and most importantly, you’ll lose a step in the race to beat your competitors.

As a Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner, we know how to get the most from every click. We work in conjunction with our organic search department to guarantee you’re consistently getting the best deal. We have access to unrivalled data sets that allow us to compare you to your competitors and create complete market analysis to ensure we are striving towards achieving your goals. We build campaigns that are designed to achieve commercial objectives, led by ROI but focused on growth.

Our specialists in search, programmatic, shopping, display, social, and affiliate marketing build intelligent and reactive campaigns to accelerate your commercial growth.


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