Affiliate marketing has the potential to exponentially increase your conversions while maintaining a low cost per sale or lead.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based channel with a difference. It drives new potential customers to your website , but you only pay for traffic that converts. This commission-based structure guarantees high return and exposes your brand to new audiences. This commission-based structure guarantees high return and exposes your brand to new audiences, providing access to pockets of valuable new customers at a high return.

­Our Approach

Affiliate marketing can play a key role in building brand awareness. As a retailer, you can partner with well-established and verified publisher websites, called affiliates, that can become pivotal in getting in front of your target customers. You can work with us if you’re new to affiliates or already have an existing affiliate account.

We recruit the affiliates that are the best match for your brand — essentially, once we know who your target customers are, we find out where they hang out. This helps us to develop and build close relationships between the affiliates and your brand.

We then create a bespoke affiliate program that is optimised to your own target CPA, which means you will only pay a commission that was agreed beforehand if a purchase is made from their referral. We will do this in a way to maximise profits for each partner for a mutually beneficial relationship. There is also the option for a cost per lead campaign, where we are always monitoring performance to deliver your ROI. Our hands-on management will ensure the best quality partnerships, because we know finding the right audience will result in more conversions for you.

Close analysis of data from each affiliate means we can adjust your program to maximise conversions, enabling the campaign to ultimately increase your sales, traffic and revenue. Our in-depth reporting will provide a comprehensive view of the channel’s performance so that you are in-the-loop with what we’re doing.

What Are The Benefits?

Low Risk

Running an affiliate program is low-risk online marketing. You only pay commission on genuine, verified sales driven through the channel. Additionally, once purchases or conversions occur, there is a validation process to remove any in-valid conversions or revenue from returned sale items.


We will tailor your affiliate program to your overarching marketing strategy. We recruit affiliates that will perform best for your business, selecting those best placed to be ambassadors for your brand, products or services and with the right audience.

Raise brand awareness

Affiliate marketing allows businesses to partner with reputable and trusted websites. These affiliates build brand awareness by championing your products to their loyal audiences. Introducing your brand to new and previously untapped groups of relevant potential customers.

Protecting your brand in affiliate marketing is one of our key priorities, ranging from upholding your company’s mission and values to customer experience and unique selling point. We understand that many brands are cautious in tarnishing their reputation that they’ve worked so hard to build, but with our expertise, you can be assured that we’ll maintain your brand’s integrity and identity.

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