Shopping Campaigns

With Shopping campaigns, businesses can create adverts with additional information such as product images and pricing. These adverts will be standing side-by-side with your competitors’ offerings, so you must excel in order to secure success.


lower CPC when compared to text ads


incremental revenue can now be driven completely free through the Shopping tab on Google


of total retail Google search ad clicks come through Google Shopping


of all retail sales worldwide will be driven through e-commerce by 2023


lower CPC when compared to text ads


With Shopping campaigns, you can acquire new customers and develop stronger connections with your existing ones. Reach millions of people shopping each day across properties including Search, YouTube, Google Assistant, and Maps – and at every stage of their shopping journey.

Leverage high-quality data to promote your product inventory online through product listed ads, which include rich information such as an image, price, title, and promotional offering of the products that you sell online, in order to drive highly targeted and quality traffic to your website.


In the moments that matter

The quality of data that we provide advertising channels such as Google and Bing is paramount in hitting performance objectives when using Shopping. The attributes provided within the feed are the data points that describe your product, which are used to match your product with relevant user searches.

Ensuring that product data is of the highest possible quality when submitted into the Merchant Center enhances performance metrics such as click-through rate and conversion rate due to the increased relevancy of searches we are generating. It also lowers cost-per-click and increases return on ad spend due to greater efficiency produced within the campaigns.

High-quality data also ensures that we can develop and roll out advanced campaign management strategies that are aimed at hitting specific business objectives such as increasing AOV, clearing excess stock, segmenting high/low margin products, and many other business key objectives.


Embrace technology

Here at Mediaworks, our e-commerce experts are experienced in developing successful Shopping campaigns for small, local business, multi-channel retailers, and global brands. We can help you achieve your growth goals, whatever the size of your business is and whatever you aim to achieve.

We utilise pioneering technology and innovative data-led solutions to generate results that allow us to drive award-winning results for our e-commerce clients. Our bespoke feed optimisation platform, exclusive CSS partnership, and use of machine learning algorithms are just some of the ways that we ensure that we are always working towards driving the most profitable and valuable performance through our clients’ campaigns.

Google Shopping is a constantly evolving and exciting place to advertise your products due to regular announcements of new initiatives and innovations available to advertisers. Our team of e-commerce specialists are always up to date with the latest news coming out of Google, meaning we can take advantage of free listings on Surfaces across Google, merchant policy updates, and commission-free selling through Buy on Google. We also regularly analyse seasonality trend insight, to greater inform the strategic development of our campaign opportunities as we move forward.


Grab the attention

When it comes to Shopping campaigns, it is important to think creatively when deciding how your product ads are going to appear to potential customers.

Attributes such as image, title, description, and any promotional extensions greatly influence how informed a user is going to be when they see your ad and therefore perceive the merchant who is selling those products. Since channels such as Google Shopping fundamentally act as a comparison-shopping service, your product ads are going to be shown against your most fierce competitors, so it is vital to make sure that your ads provide browsing users with accurate, clear, and concise information about the product you are selling.


Deliver objectives

Manage, organise, and optimise your Shopping ads to drive new customer acquisition and reconnect with existing customers that are looking to purchase online. Utilise insightful reporting and benchmarking tools to optimise your campaign performance in line with business objectives.

Our experts prioritise the importance of data quality when setting up and developing Shopping campaigns. This because the data provided within the Merchant Centre is the foundation that allows for advanced campaign management capabilities and therefore the performance results that can be driven. In simple terms, if your data quality is poor then your results will be too.


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