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November 24 2020

MW050 | One Customer, One Journey: Fusing Online and Offline to 10x Your Marketing

As targeting capabilities have evolved, the media we have classified as traditional has moved into the digital world with improved targeting and segmentation capabilities.
November 18 2020

MW049 | NHC Digital Masterclass: Creating A User-Centric Communication Plan

As part of the Northern Housing Consortium's digital masterclass sessions, Mediaworks explain how you can use your marketing insight and available data to help create and map out user personas. Personas can be used to inform the most effective way to communicate with each target user group.
November 17 2020

MW048 | 5 Steps to Digitise Your Customer Service Strategy

A digital revolution is transforming the world at an unprecedented speed. Digital technologies have changed the way businesses operate and how they interact with their customers.
November 10 2020

MW047 | SEO Hacks to Turn Search into Sales

On page website optimisation is the quickest and most effective way to boost your search results.  Many marketers often focus on traffic volume over traffic relevance and the subsequent actions taken.
November 03 2020

MW046 | 8 Weeks to Christmas: Last Minute Tips and Tricks To Supercharge Your Marketing

The next eight weeks of online sales looks set to be the largest and most competitive online sales period on record. In this webinar, our e-commerce specialists will focus on the last minute tips and tricks to maximise your sales performance over Singles Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and into the January Sales.
October 27 2020

MW045 | 5 Steps to Unlocking Your Brand Potential

Many B2C and ecommerce businesses prioritise bottom of the funnel tactics…you would be crazy not to if it works.
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