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December 07 2021

MW097 | Now that's what I call Christmas... Ads 2021

Disney, John Lewis, Aldi, Boots, and of course, Coca-Cola! This is the time of year when the biggest brands compete for our emotions and tears during the run-up to Christmas. Following a subdued 2020, brands are back this year with an optimistic and cheerful series of adverts as families reunite and stories of hope and positivity take centre stage.
November 30 2021

MW096 | Owning the Digital Shelf: A Guide to Building Your Digital Shelf Strategy

The location, shop type, position, and appearance of your product are critical to your commercial success. But how does your product or service appear on the digital shelves of the online marketplace? Just like with a physical shop, the digital shelf is where you show off your products and reveal the story behind your brand.
November 24 2021

Mediaworks to deliver transformational digital ad campaign for shopping centre giants

Eldon Square, the UK’s third busiest shopping centre in the UK, has partnered with Mediaworks to leverage its unrivalled media buying and data-driven targeting expertise. The agency’s approach will plug Eldon Square into its global partnerships with leading digital platforms, publishers and traditional advertising channels.
November 23 2021

MW095 | The Ultimate Engagement: Fusing Digital PR with Search, Social and Content

Is your marketing newsworthy? Executing campaigns that attract media and influencer attention is the holy grail of every marketer. Creating intriguing content that engages with existing and potential customers whilst connecting your brand with audiences is the hallmark of every great campaign.
November 16 2021

MW094 | Connect and Convert. Avoid E-Commerce Payment Declines and Supercharge Your Conversions

Black Friday 2021 is set to dominate the online retail calendar once again. Last year, digital acceleration brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic saw global ecommerce sales grow by 28% year on year. As the world shifted to online retail, so did the volume of declined payments impacting e-tailers bottom line.
November 09 2021

MW093 | Affiliate – The Marketing Space You Need to Dominate

Over £10 billion in advertising spend is utilised on affiliate marketing worldwide every year, and it has become an essential component of the marketing mix for many global brands. Last year, LinkedIn rated affiliate marketing in the top 10 hard skills that companies need to master.
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