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October 26 2021

MW091 | 3 Step Guide to Full-Funnel Video Marketing: Platforms, Function, and Paid Promotions

With over 54% of UK consumers wanting to engage with more video content, this format should play a pivotal role across your entire purchase journey. Businesses who embrace video – from new brand and product discovery to guiding customers to purchase – will gain a vital advantage in an increasingly competitive online world.
October 19 2021

MW090 | Digital PR: Place Your Brand on the Largest Websites in the World

Digital PR is one of the most powerful marketing disciplines, combining the power of SEO practices with PR’s traditional approach to generating mass medias interest. 73% of adults use digital platforms to access news. Almost nine out of ten news outlets now share their stories across Apple News amid a growing trend in investment in digital platforms syndicating its content.
October 12 2021

MW089 | Own the Retail Season Through Search with Google

Over 90% of all online transactions engage across search within the purchase journey. Retailers that aren’t prioritising search, look set to lose out to competition in what looks set to be one of the biggest online retail periods, following on from last year’s record-breaking levels of online purchasing.
October 05 2021

MW088 | Building High Performance Teams: Double Down on Digital Learning

The pace of change in the world of marketing is dramatically accelerating. As devices, platforms and channels that we consume increasingly diverge, so do the skills and knowledge required to maintain and grow as impactful marketeers. But how do we and our teams keep up with this rapid pace of change?
September 28 2021

MW087 | Design Digital Experiences to Drive Repeat Sales Online

Consumers are set to spend over £200bn on Christmas this year; with online marketplaces still at the top of shopper’s confidence, key events in the run up to Christmas such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and January sales provide a huge opportunity to acquire new customers. However, the key to long term growth is to place a strategy to create loyal customers, drive Christmas sales and build long term brand advocacy.
September 21 2021

MW086 | Forget Short Term Demand, Think Long Term Brand

In the market of B2B, focus on demand generation and sales initiatives can provide a surge in short-term sales for buyers in-market, but what about 95% of your target market currently out of the market? Can building your brand deliver long-term growth, influence your decision-makers and repeated exposure of your brand?
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