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While the UK’s retail market contributed £194 billion to the nation’s economic output during 2017, customers are increasingly choosing virtual browsing and checkouts over brick-and-mortar stores and standing in physical queues. eMarketer has estimated that 94% of UK internet users were expected to shop for a product or service online in 2018 and 88.6% to make at least one digital performance. By 2021 this will increase further to 94.4% and 88.8% respectively.

E-commerce and m-commerce are becoming increasingly more important within this market, with retail e-commerce sales estimated to reach £93.82 billion in 2018, while purchases made digitally via mobile devices would account for 43.3%.

As competition in the retail market increases, digital will be key to driving forward a retailer’s performance both on and offline with a below-par digital presence destined for failure in the near future. In the Retail: The Digital Forecast 2018 white paper, we look at the future digital trends that will significantly impact the retail industry. Is your brand prepared for what lies ahead?

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