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August 03 2021

MW080 | Define Your Social DNA

Over the last 18 months, the dramatic uplift of active social media users has refocused the attention of marketers on the opportunity that their social channels offer to both businesses and their brands.
July 27 2021

MW079 | Five ways PR can Supercharge your B2B Marketing Strategies

Its becoming increasingly critical for long term business success to establish a strong B2B brand in your prospective customers' or clients' minds. For most B2B marketers, however, establishing rationale for investing in brand building can be outweighed by the short term focus on demand generation and new business wins.
July 20 2021

MW078 | Planning Website Re-launch Success: 5 Steps to Avoiding a Catastrophic Loss of Rankings

Too often, the mismanagement of a website’s migration results in a huge loss of rankings and traffic. This can have an irreversible impact on your business’ revenues. A straightforward and well-planned website migration plan is key to protecting your hard-earned domain authority and avoiding this potential damage to your rankings.
July 13 2021

MW077 | Paid Advertising Management vs The Machine

'Get more value with less effort', ‘Unlock more growth and greater efficiency', and 'Increase your conversions' are common promises made by search vendors to market their machine learning and automation advertising platforms. Whilst the power of carefully managed machine learning drives clear performance growth, the real key is knowing what to automate, when to automate it, and most importantly, when not to engage the machine.
July 06 2021

MW076 | Thumb-Stopping Creative to Ignite Your Social Engagement

Social Media remains a vastly underused marketing tool. It is the perfect platform to build and nurture loyal communities around your brand, or equally as powerful when used to engage new audiences and fuel customer acquisition through paid advertising campaigns.
June 29 2021

MW075 | Minimise Loss and Maximise Your Conversions with 5 CRO Testing Hacks

Understanding your customers and adapting your website to their changing wants and needs through a 'test and refine' approach is key to maximising return on marketing spend. By continuously improving and optimising each website opportunity, you will maximise the impact of almost every other marketing activity you undertake.
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