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April 27 2021

MW068 | The Three Essentials to Creating Memorable Video Content With Purpose: Knowledge, Emotion, and Humour

Sometimes, showing is better than telling. If you have a product, service, or announcement that needs to be experienced, video can be instrumental in communicating your message in a creative, digestible, and effective way.
April 20 2021

MW067 | Three Rules of Online Engagement: Video. Video. Video.

The impact of video in digital communications and campaigns continues to grow. Customers, marketers and viewing figures all point to greater attention being paid to video over text or audio. Video consumption continues to grow across all online platforms, with Internet users spending on average over 16 hours each week viewing online videos.
April 13 2021

MW066 | Three Critical Questions to Fuel Your Brand Strategy

CMOs named brand strategy as the most critical marketing element for growing their businesses over the next 18 months. Plotting a brand’s strategic direction can be an intimidating task, but with a methodical application of asking the right questions, taking smart steps, and using the correct tools, it can be a simple process.
March 30 2021

MW065 | Converting the 98% of Your Prospective Customers With Programmatic

Programmatic advertising ensures your budgets work harder and smarter by utilising data modelling and machine learning to inform real-time bidding and expert retargeting. This ensures your advertising budget is spent in the places that are proven to convert potential buyers into paying customers.
March 23 2021

MW064 | Capitalise on Your Brand to Supercharge Search Visibility

Search engine optimisation and brand awareness efforts are often planned separately, which can lead to a disconnect between a business’ SEO and brand strategy. In reality, the majority of purchase decisions start with an online search, and the role of brand is crucial to driving new business through increased search visibility.
March 16 2021

MW063 | Social Strategies to Fuel Your Brand Growth

One of the certainties any marketer must embrace is the growing role of social media in fuelling your brands growth. But how do you actually make it happen for your brand?...and not just a little bit, but creating a presence that people actually WANT to like, follow and engage with!
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