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October 04 2022

MW128 | Moving with Meta – Adapting and Thriving in the Ever-Changing Social Landscape

With the ability to boost posts and utilise effective remarketing tools, Meta’s advertising platform is one of the leading ways to enhance your customer reach. While you can reach almost anyone through the platform, custom audiences present invaluable potential for detail targeting opportunities.
September 16 2022

MW127 | Create Engaging Video Content In All The Right Places

Video has become vital across every platform and channel. Audiences are spending an average of 19 hours a week watching videos online. Ignoring video marketing is no longer an option for brands who want to excel.
September 07 2022

MW126 | Maximise Exposure & Engagement: Connecting The Dots Between Online and Offline

The worlds of media and digital have collided. This has created exciting new opportunities to amplify your digital and traditional communications through more channels than ever.
August 17 2022

MW125 | PR That Lasts Through Christmas

The festive period is a crucial time to make your presence felt on retail shelves. Even now, during Summer, the media are looking for product launches, special offers and expert opinions ahead of Christmas.
August 09 2022

MW124 | The Google Ads Evolution: How to Drive Creative Intelligence

The power and importance of creative within Google Ads is only set to increase, alongside the use of smart automation that is now at the heart of all thing's performance marketing.
August 02 2022

MW123 | YouTube - Are You Missing Out on its Search Potential?

YouTube is the world's second biggest search engine tool, if you’re not utilising your brand’s channel to rank in search results then you’re missing out.
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